The top darts players in this sport

Though Darts is not as popular as football or racing, the sport still has a solid fan-base around the world. For a very long time, it was known as a pub sport because it started in pubs around the world. It was commonly played in countries such as the UK and the British Empire's former territories, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Australia, USA, and the Scandinavian countries. In this article, I will list the top Darts players of all time, so don't be surprised if they aren't all currently on the official world ranking ladder.

Gary Anderson

This Scottish professional was born in 1970, and his nickname is “The Flying Scotsman.” He is widely known for having one of the “smoothest” throws in the game and also being a heavy scorer. He won the Professional Darts Championship two years in a row – 2015 and 2016. Over the years he has also won many PDC Pro Tour events. Right now, as of June this year, he is ranked third in the all-time list.

Michael van Gerwen

Michael is a Dutch professional player. He began to play at the young age of 13 and won the PDC three times. Michael is currently ranked at number one in the world ranking system. He is the second most successful player after the all-time legend Phil Taylor. Also, he is at the top of the PDC Pro Tour event winners' ladder with 75, passing Taylor's previous record in February 2019. His nickname is “Mighty Mike.”

Phil Taylor

“The Power” as he is called, Phil Taylor is the best darts player of all-time. He has two standing records, that young players are still trying to beat. One of them is his eight consecutive World Championship titles from 1995 to 2002. The second record is for successive finals from 1994 to 2007. He is the second in the all-time ladder of PDC Pro Tour events with 70. He has also won the PDC Player of the Year Award six times. Sadly, he retired before the final of the 2018 World Championship. Though he will be missed dearly in the professional circuit, he will still be active in the exhibition circles.

Raymond van Barneveld

Another Dutchman in the top chart, he was nicknamed “Barney.” He is a very successful darts player and a five-time World Darts Champion. His last title was claimed by beating the legend himself Phil Taylor in a very competitive and exciting match. Over the last few years, he has announced his retirement a couple of times but has yet to do it.

Trina Gulliver

We can't end the list with only male champions. Catrina Elizabeth Gulliver is an English professional player. She is a ten-time BDO winner and in 2013 was named Sports Personality of the Year. Her nickname is the “Golden Girl.” She has openly stated that she wasn't happy with the male to female championship differences like prize money and game length.