How to play Darts ?


Game of darts has increasingly become popular over the years. It was first played before the Second World War and has become a favourite game especially for patrons of pubs. There are a few important rules to follow and tips on how to win the game. So read ahead and learn more about this game for a chance to win big.

Objective of the game

This game is considered the simplest of all times. With Five hundred and one as the starting point, you are required to finish the game by scoring down to fifty or less. Point zero can be reached using the last dart to hit the bull’s eye (red circle).

Equipment used

This sports requires you to use only two paraphernalia that is the darts and board. Players during the olden times played this game using board that was made from elm and soft clay. Today, the boards have been designed to match modern style. They are made from compressed sisal fibres and well segmented into twenty units using copper wires and has a diameter of four hundred and fifty one millimetres. There is also numbering on each segment from 1 till 20.

The board has a little red circle that is located centrally and surrounded by a green circle.

It is important to know that the darts are safe for play because they are made from metal. Plastic and nylon materials. The darts are available in different designs, weigh less than fifty grams and are not longer than three hundred millimetres. So worry not because the newly designed board and darts will now enable you to focus, aim at the bull’s eye (red circle) and become the latest winners in town.

Tips on how to score

You need to note that scores will only be made when you throw darts on the board. Every player will get to throw three darts in turns with hundred and eighty being the highest score. It is important for you to know that hitting the red small circle will award you fifty points while the green circle awards twenty five points. About the numbers (1-20), you will get scores depending on their values unless you hit the outer rim that will award you double points.

Note: In order for you to win many points, you need to reach zero through hitting the red circular spot or a double (outer rim).


Every game has got rules and regulations for players to follow. This particular game needs you to abide by a few set of simple instructions. Let’s have a look at them in detail for easier understanding.

Rule 1

Before the game begins, the players will taking turns to throw single darts. If you happen to hit the bull’s eye or the outer green spot, then you will have the honour of taking the first throw. So when your turn comes, focus and hope for that lucky throw so that you can set the pace for the rest of the players when the game begins.

Rule 2

Elimination stage– I bet you would not want to fall into this category when your turn to make throws comes. So it is important for you to wish on lady luck and make sure that your scores do not surpass that of the remaining points. Otherwise, you will not have any more honours of making other throws.

Rule 3

Once all the players finish their turns to throw darts, counting is done. Darts that had bounced off or fallen are not included in the count and are not used in the next throw.

So as you will be preparing for the next game of dart, ensure that you aim at the board properly so that you do not miss out on the chance to make more throws.

Rule 4

You need to be aware that every throw comes with three darts for every player unless there is a winner before the other players can take their turns. In order to become that winner, focus and wish for a good throw.

Rule 5

There is restriction on where you stand before you take throws. You will notice a marked toe-line that is seven feet, nine and quarter inches from the board.

The board is usually pinned on the wall with the red circle (bull’s eye) being 1.73 metres high.


Game of darts is simple and rewarding if you understand and follow all the above mentioned rules. You will not only develop a passion for this game but be able to pocket a few coins as well. So what are you still waiting for? Simply walk into any pub in town, focus when your turn to throw comes (hit the bull’s eye) and become the next lucky kid on the block.